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I certify that information furnished on this application is true and correct. I understand and agree that any falsification, misrepresentation, mis leading statements, omission of facts on either this application, during or after the pre-hire process will be sufficent reason for (1) my not being offered employment, or (2) dismissal at any time from the service of the organization if employed. I also understand and agree that I must be physically and mentally able to perform the work for which I am applying or being considered. In addition, I authorize my former employers to provide South Chciago Janitorial, Inc, any information regrading my employment and educational records, including and in addition to the above, and I release all parties from any liability for any damages which may result from furnishing such information. I also agree to conform to the organization's policies and regulations if employed, and I understand and agree that my employment and compensation is of an "at will" nature, and therefore can be terminated, with or without cause or notice at any time, by either the organization or myself.
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